New Video

Forgot all about this – it’s a video of an artificial grass installation project we did last year when the sun was shining!

It’s also on the main site at Artificial Grass Installation Projects


Dos and Don’ts Of Weeds

Do tackle problem weeds fast: the older they get, the harder they are to destroy.

Don’t try to clear problem perennial weeds growing in a rockery or among a border of choice small perennials by hand. Spot treat them with a glyphosate-based weedkiller. In a particularly bad case it is easier to take out all the plants you want to save and blanket treat the whole area with weedkiller, then start again.

Do break off the flowering heads of weeds if you don’t have time to weed properly. This will stop them seeding.

Don’t put weeds that have set seed or roots of perennial weeds on your compost heap. It’s unlikely the temperature in the heap will get hot enough to kill them, so you will just spread a new crop of weeds along with your compost.

Do learn to recognize the seedling’ of most common weeds, so you can leave self-sown seedlings of plants you may want to keep (such as hellebores), to grow safely.

Don’t try to dig out problem perennial weeds like horsetail, couch grass and bindweed – every tiny scrap of root that is left in the ground will grow to make a new plant.

Most Unusual Applications Of Artificial Grass

I thought I’d start my blog with a guessing game – coz I love a game as much as everybody else.

I’ve been noticing an increasing number of different types of applications for artificial grass in my area, so wanted to ask if you’ve seen any unusual (or perfectly normal for that matter) areas that have been covered in synthetic grass, and if so, what you think it replaced.

artificial grass covering childrens play areaAs an example, I’ve seen a lot of children’s play areas now covered in artificial turf, whereas before, particularly where I live, they have usually been covered in either rubber matting, or chipped up old car tyres.

Let us know what and where you’ve seen it by adding a comment…